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Pray for Nashville: 6 Killed in Mass Shooting at Christian School
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Bible Pathways 06/26/2003

June 26

Read Psalms 1 -- 9

In Today's Reading:

The blessed and the ungodly; David's confidence in God; prayer for protection, mercy, and deliverance

The key to receiving a blessing from God begins here with three negative statements. The first is: Don't follow the example of the unsaved or the advice of evil people (Psalm 1:1). The worldly-minded may live acceptable lifestyles that conform to the basic moral standards of society but still live and act as though the Creator God does not exist. Many people assume that any religion, or none at all, is equally acceptable. They do this because they feel no accountability to their Creator, and therefore see no need of a Savior.

The second negative statement is: Don't become closely associated with the unsaved (1:1). The worldy-minded speak, act, think, and live to please themselves. They may be honest, upright, and generous in the eyes of the majority of people. They may even believe there is a God and may live a basically good, moral life. But they see no need to repent of sin. The Christian life is centered in God and what His Word reveals about sin. But the sinner's life is centered on self, and he is sure that he is too good to go to hell — if he believes there is one.

The third negative statement is a warning against becoming involved with those who openly criticize Christians. We must avoid people who are known to belittle or have an antagonistic attitude against God the Father as Creator of all things and Jesus as the Only Savior (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). They also are against worshiping Jesus Christ as God the Son (Titus 2:13). The arrogant, cynical critic of Christianity, for the most part, stands firmly and openly against the importance of reading the Bible and against Jesus Christ as the only way to be saved and reach heaven.

The blessed person has an attitude of delight in the things of God and loves to read His Word because he knows that it is God's guide to life (Psalm 1:2). If we delight in pleasing Jesus Christ, we will "meditate" upon His Word, and, as we do this, the Holy Spirit will speak to our hearts, revealing the meaning of His Word for our lives. Such blessed people have a desire to be led by the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13).

There are many wonderful blessings that are imparted to those who read God's Word, coming silently and unnoticed, like a tree planted by a river. These readers produce an abundance of spiritual fruit and, for the most part, are unaware of it (Psalm 1:3).

Christ Revealed:

As the Son of God (Psalm 2:7). God loved the world and gave us His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have life everlasting (John 3:16; also Acts 13:33; Heb. 1:5).

Word Studies:

2:2 anointed(one) = Messiah (Hebrew) and Christ (Greek); 5:6 leasing = lies.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Woody Van Dyke and the Bible Pathway Radio Broadcasts on KJAK-FM, Lubbock, TX · The International Shortwave Radio Broadcast sponsored by Thursday Morning Prayer · BPM Staff: Rita Guerra · Government Official: Rep. Neil Abercrombie (HI) · Country: Guinea-Bissau (1 million) on the western coast of Africa · Major languages: Portuguese and Criolo · Religious freedom · 51% animist; 42% Muslim; 6% Roman Catholic; .7% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Intercede in prayer for others by name (Luke 22:31-32).

Optional Reading: Philippians 3

Memory Verse for the Week: John 8:31-32

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