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Bible Pathways 06/29/2003

June 29

Read Psalms 23 -- 30

In Today's Reading:

The Great Shepherd; King of Glory; prayer for guidance; love for God's House; prayer for God's help; adoration of God's mighty power

David, the old shepherd-king who saw himself as nothing more than a sheep that needed to be led, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to see the Lord as his Shepherd Who would provide him with everything he needed (Psalm 23:1-3). No other livestock requires more attention than sheep. Left alone, they can easily become separated from the flock and lose their way. Of all domesticated animals, sheep are the most defenseless and helpless.

By nature, we are all like sheep and will blindly follow the same paths that have ruined the lives of others. We can become so caught up in our own affairs that we lose sight of the Good Shepherd and find ourselves separated from Him (John 10:11,14).

The trouble with most of us is that we often try to be our own shepherd. There is something almost terrifying about the consequences of the destructive, self-willed stubbornness of those who refuse to be led in the Lord's way of righteousness (Psalm 23:3). They are determined to go their own way, even though the path they take will inevitably lead to trouble. It is a fact that, without the Good Shepherd, we are helpless to know what is best for our lives as well as defenseless against satanic deception. When we recognize this, we will fully rely on the Good Shepherd to give us wisdom. We are confident that the Lord, our "Good Shepherd," will never forsake us, regardless of our circumstances. Both His rod of authority and His staff of guidance provide protection from confusion and wrong decisions (23:4).

God will guide and provide for every need of the one who is determined to let the Lord be his Shepherd (Isaiah 26:3).

Christ Revealed:

As our Shepherd (Psalm 23). Christ called Himself the Good Shepherd and vowed to lay down His life for the sheep (John 10:11).

Word Studies:

23:1 want = lack anything; 26:1 slide = waver, fall; 26:2 reins = inner self; 26:4 dissemblers = pretenders, hypocrites; 28:2 holy oracle = Holy Temple; 28:3 mischief = malice.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Zacarias Serrato and the Bible Pathway Radio Broadcasts on KMXO-AM, Merkel TX · Government Officials: Rep. Jo Ann Davis (VA) and Rep. Collin Peterson (MN) · Country: Honduras (6 million) in Central America · Major languages: Spanish and Indian dialects · Religious freedom · 86% Roman Catholic; 10% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Your prayers must be offered to God with the Spirit and understanding (John 4:22-24).

Optional Reading: Colossians 2

Memory Verse for the Week: Romans 1:16

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