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Bible Pathways 06/30/2003

June 30

Read Psalms 31 -- 35

In Today's Reading:

David's trust in God; the blessedness of forgiveness; the Lord hears the righteous; David's prayer for safety

David went beyond the expected times of worship and praise because he was continually expressing his love and devotion to the Lord (Psalm 35:28). What a privilege we have to join with David, and with the multitudes since his time, in praising the Lord at all times, regardless of our circumstances. It is also important for us to encourage others to exalt the Lord's Name. Even in times of trouble, we can count on the Lord to deliver us (34:1,3,6-7). Praise in our worship services, at mealtimes, and during daily devotions is good and right and fills our hearts with joy. Our sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15; Psalm 22:3) also brings joy to the heart of God.

The Lord expects us to praise Him even when everything seems to go wrong, since we know our Sovereign Lord will deliver us (34:19). David suffered numerous injustices at the hands of enemies of God ( 31:12-13), and he could have become bitter or could have blamed others. Instead, he declared his unconditional faith in the Lord (31:14). Only in yielding our lives to God will we find the assurance, peace, and security we long for. This is not our "holding on" to Him, but "abiding" in Him — trusting that God is holding on to us. Jesus promised that we are in the Heavenly Father's loving hand and no one can pluck us out (John 10:28-29).

Though, at times, because of some pressing concern or problem we may not feel like praising God, we should remember that God is still on the throne. As David did, we can enjoy His peace. Yes! Without hesitation, and regardless of circumstances, we can continually praise Him (Psalm 34:1).

Christ Revealed:

In the prophecy that not one of His bones would be broken as recorded concerning His crucifixion (Psalm 34:20). This was fulfilled as recorded in John 19:36.

Word Studies:

31:4 privily = secretly; 31:6 lying vanities = vain idols; 31:8 shut me up = given me over; 32:2 guile = deceit; 32:3 roaring = groaning; 35:12 spoiling = sorrow; 35:15 abjects = slanderers.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Evangelist Robert Shushu, Swahili translator in Tanzania · The International Shortwave Radio Broadcast sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. John A. Hash · BPM Staff: George Kopchak · Government Official: Rep. Joe Skeen (NM) · Country: Hong Kong (7 million) in eastern Asia · Major languages: Chinese and English · Limited religious freedom · 90% Chinese religions; 10% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Have faith in God's Word (John 4:49-53).

Optional Reading: Colossians 3

Memory Verse for the Week: Romans 1:16

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