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Bible Pathways 11/29/2003

November 29

Read II Corinthians 5 -- 8

In Today's Reading:

Living by faith; ministry of reconciliation; believers not to be unequally joined with unbelievers; Paul's ministry; the grace of giving

No one would deny that we are living in a day of deception and compromise, and, unfortunately, Christians are tempted to search for satisfaction through what the world has to offer. To provide answers for this problem, Paul earnestly asked five questions that deserve our prayerful consideration because they have eternal consequences for us. Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness? And what concord (harmony) has Christ with Belial (Satan)? or what part has he that believes with an infidel (unbeliever)? And what agreement has the Temple of God with idols? for you are the Temple of the Living God (II Corinthians 6:14-16).

Since there is a real danger of being caught up with world views that press upon us daily, James was led to warn us that whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God (James 4:4). This is important to remember, since the believer and the unbeliever each have a different master. Paul was led to write: If you then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God. Set your affection (mind and emotion) on things above, not on things on the earth (Colossians 3:1-2).

The Christian's call is to come out from among them, and be separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean (unfit) thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty (II Corinthians 6:17-18). To come out from means, among other things, that we should avoid becoming involved with unbelieving friends or joining in activities that keep us from being our best for Christ and His Church, even though we are called to love all people as God does.

Paul went on to say: Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God (II Corinthians 7:1).

Word Studies:

5:5 wrought = prepared; 5:13 beside ourselves = insane; sober = of sound mind; 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin = Christ was without sin, but took the guilt of our sins upon Himself; 6:5 In stripes = Having been beaten; tumults = riots; 6:6 unfeigned = genuine; 6:11 our heart is enlarged = we love you with all our heart; 6:12 Ye are not straitened in us = our love toward you is not restrained; bowels = emotions; 6:13 a recompence in the same = fair return, fair exchange; be ye also enlarged = be bighearted; 7:9 that ye might receive damage by us in nothing = that you not suffer loss in what we had said; 7:10 not to be repented of = without regret; 7:11 carefulness = diligence, seriousness; 8:1 we do you to wit of the grace of God = we want you to know what the grace of God has accomplished; 8:4 much intreaty = most urgently; 8:7 abound = excel; 8:8 forwardness = earnestness.

Cross References:

For II Corinthians 6:2: See Isaiah 49:8. II Corinthians 6:16: See Leviticus 26:11; Ezekiel 37:27. II Corinthians 6:17: See Isaiah 52:11. II Corinthians 8:15: See Exodus 16:18.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Edith Bennett and the Bible Pathway Radio Broadcasts on WOMI-AM, Owensboro, KY · Government Officials: Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL), Rep. William Jenkins (TN), and Gov. Janet Napolitano (AZ) · Country: Dominica (65,000) in the British West Indies · Major languages: English and French patois · Religious freedom · 75% Roman Catholic; 12% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Delight in the Word of God; prayerfully meditate upon it for daily guidance (Psalm 1:2).

Memory Verse for the Week: Galatians 5:24

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