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  • 2021 Apr 22


April 22


Solomon and the Shulamite


Song of Solomon 5:9-16; Psalms 47:6-8; Proverbs 12:21



What is your beloved

More than another beloved,

O fairest among women?

What is your beloved

More than another beloved,

That you so charge us?


My beloved is white and ruddy,

Chief among ten thousand.

His head is like the finest gold;

His locks are wavy,

And black as a raven.

His eyes are like doves

By the rivers of waters,

Washed with milk,

And fitly set.

His cheeks are like a bed of spices,

Banks of scented herbs.

His lips are lilies,

Dripping liquid myrrh.

His hands are rods of gold

Set with beryl.

His body is carved ivory

Inlaid with sapphires.

His legs are pillars of marble

Set on bases of fine gold.

His countenance is like Lebanon,

Excellent as the cedars.

His mouth is most sweet,

Yes, he is altogether lovely.

This is my beloved,

And this is my friend,

O daughters of Jerusalem!


Where has your beloved gone,

O fairest among women?

Where has your beloved turned aside,

That we may seek him with you?


My beloved has gone to his garden,

To the beds of spices,

To feed his flock in the gardens,

And to gather lilies.

I am my beloved's,

And my beloved is mine.

He feeds his flock among the lilies.


O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah,

Lovely as Jerusalem,

Awesome as an army with banners!

Turn your eyes away from me,

For they have overcome me.

Your hair is like a flock of goats

Going down from Gilead.

Your teeth are like a flock of sheep

Which have come up from the washing;

Every one bears twins,

And none is barren among them.

Like a piece of pomegranate

Are your temples behind your veil.

There are sixty queens

And eighty concubines,

And virgins without number.

My dove, my perfect one,

Is the only one,

The only one of her mother,

The favorite of the one who bore her.

The daughters saw her

And called her blessed,

The queens and the concubines,

And they praised her.

Who is she who looks forth as the morning,

Fair as the moon,

Clear as the sun,

Awesome as an army with banners?


I went down to the garden of nuts

To see the verdure of the valley,

To see whether the vine had budded

And the pomegranates had bloomed.

Before I was even aware,

My soul had made me

As the chariots of my noble people.


Return, return, O Shulamite;

Return, return, that we may look upon you!


What would you see in the Shulamite-

As it were, the dance of the two camps?


I am my beloved's,

And his desire is toward me.

Come, my beloved,

Let us go forth to the field;

Let us lodge in the villages.

Let us get up early to the vineyards;

Let us see if the vine has budded,

Whether the grape blossoms are open,

And the pomegranates are in bloom.

There I will give you my love.

The mandrakes give off a fragrance,

And at our gates are pleasant fruits,

All manner, new and old,

Which I have laid up for you, my beloved.

Song of Songs 5:9-6:13; 7:10-13



Sing praises to God, sing praises!

Sing praises to our King, sing praises!

For God is the King of all the earth;

Sing praises with understanding.

God reigns over the nations;

God sits on His holy throne.

Psalm 47:6-8



No grave trouble will overtake the righteous,

But the wicked shall be filled with evil.

Proverbs 12:21

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