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A Time for Giving - Advent Devotional - Nov. 24

EDITOR'S NOTE: While Advent officially runs from December 2-24 in 2018, Crosswalk will proudly present one Christmas-themed devotional per day during an Advent season running from the day after Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. Check back every day for a new devotional reflection about what the Incarnation - the coming near of our Savior - means for us still today. And Merry Christmas!

Christmas: A Time for Giving
Luke 2:1-20

Christmas is one of the happiest holidays because during this season, people are more generous than at any other time of the year. The practice of giving is not a recent innovation—it began on the first Christmas when Jesus was born. Everyone in the story had something to give.

• When Mary submitted to God's plan, she gave her body to be the first home of the incarnated Savior (Luke 1:30-38).

• She also surrendered her good reputation in order to fulfill the Lord's calling for her life.

• Joseph offered his love and protection to Mary and the child who was not his own (Matt. 1:18-25).

• An angel gave an announcement of the Messiah's birth to some lowly shepherds who were watching their flocks at night.

• A heavenly host of angels offered praise and glory to God.

• The shepherds shared the first personal testimony about the Messiah.

• The wise men relinquished the comfort of home to seek the newborn King and give Him gifts worthy of royalty (Matt. 2:1-11).

At first glance, these gifts may seem to pertain only to the first Christmas, but they each have application for us today. Believers are called to give of themselves to the Lord and to one another in similar ways.

Look at this list again. What gifts could you give to Christ today? Maybe you need to submit to His will in a difficult area or endure misunderstanding in order to obey Him. And how about others? Who needs your protection, love, or perhaps the good news of salvation in Christ?


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