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Crosswalk the Devotional - Mar. 14, 2008


March 14, 2008

Road to the Passion 
by Fred Albert, Manager of Communities

A number of years ago as I was preparing to celebrate the resurrection of the Christ I decided to try to put the weeks preceding it into perspective. I wanted to imagine what was going on leading up to our Lord's crucifixion.

Now, I realize there will be those who will argue on some of these points, but I think most people can agree with this order of events leading up to the death of Jesus.

I believe that sometime within the month before the crucifixion that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. I base this on the events as recorded in John 11 and John 12:9-11. It just doesn't seem as though very much time passed between that and Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

According to Luke 18:35-43, Jesus healed a blind man on His way to Jericho. Mark 10:46-52 is kind enough to give us the name of this man… We know him as Bartimaeus.

It was during this journey that Jesus looked up in a tree and announced his dinner to a "wee little man." His name is still sung about by little children everywhere: Luke 19:1-10

The Saturday before the Triumphal entry, John 12:1-11 records Jesus joining Lazarus and a number of other people in the home of Simon the leper for dinner. It was here that He was Matthew 26:6-13

On Sunday Jesus borrowed the colt of a donkey and John 12:12-19

The next day, Monday, Mark 11:12-22 records Jesus cursing a fig tree while on His way to the temple. In the Temple, He proceeded to clear out the money changers while proclaiming that His Father's house was intended to be a house of prayer.

Mark 11:20-33 continues the tale when he relates that on Tuesday, while on their way back to Jerusalem, the disciples observed that the fig tree had dried up. When Jesus arrived at the Temple again, He was questioned by the leaders. They wanted to know who had given Him the authority to act as He was (they were probably angry that He had disrupted the Temple the day before).

While in the Temple, Mark 12:41-44 of the people presenting their offerings. It was here that He took special notice of a widow who gave all she had. I often have wondered if He was also thinking about His own fast approaching sacrifice.

And lastly, the Lord's Supper was served on Thursday. That night He was arrested and delivered to be crucified on Friday morning.

He died Friday afternoon and was buried amid the tears and hurried preparations for the Sabbath.

Those tears were turned to joy, though, as He was raised from the dead early Sunday morning. Death was defeated and the Son of God was raised from the dead.

Let's remember His sacrifice for us as we celebrate this week the Passion of Christ.

Intersecting Faith & Life: Mark down the various events of the week on your calendar to imagine what was going on as Jesus journeyed to the cross.

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