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A Letter from Dad - Crosswalk the Devotional - January 3

The Crosswalk Devotional

Letter from Dad 
by Shawn McEvoy

Abba! Father! All things are possible for you. - Mark 14:36

My son was having a problem at school. Not with his schoolwork, or even socially. It was a personal problem, and it was minor, but it was of some concern to his mother and me. And if he didn't solve it soon, it would become of greater concern to him as well.

We tried all sorts of encouragement (even forms of discouragement). We did everything we could within the bounds of letting him feel secure, making sure we knew he was excelling at the important first-grader-type stuff, making sure he didn't develop a complex. Still, nothing was working. Basically, he'd get so involved and engrossed in whatever he was doing that day or at that hour that he just couldn't remember to take care of other important items. A multi-tasker he is not yet. Nor must he be. Laser-like focus and concentration is a trait I know many parents wish their children displayed.

Anyway, as with many things, the solution came from him. One morning as we were praying and encouraging him about the issue before school, he suggested a note. He said it might really help him if I wrote him a note - a special, secret note in a code just for us - that he could keep in his chair-pocket at school, one he could take out every day and read and think of me and remember what he was supposed to do.

Immediately I got out some paper, wrote out a message of love and encouragement that also contained a hidden meaning for Jordan, and sent him on his way, not knowing what to expect.

More than three weeks later, he'd not had an instance of the problem. He credits the letter from dad, says he takes it out before every class. It makes him smile, it makes him feel loved, it reminds him who he is and what he needs to do.

We all have one of those, you know. A letter from Dad. Something to read at the start of every day that tells us we're loved, encourages us, challenges us, reminds us who we are and what we need to do. A note that has surprising power to heal our woes and solve our problems.

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Further Reading:

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