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Daily Disciples - December 5

December 5

Today's ReadingDaniel 11 John 4

Today's Thoughts: God’s Favor

Now God had brought Daniel into the favor and goodwill of the chief of the eunuchs. - Daniel 1:9

I love the Old Testament stories that illustrate how God brought someone into favor in an unfavorable situation. Daniel was given favor in the king's palace, even though he was a captive and taken prisoner. Joseph was given favor with the guards as a prisoner in Egypt. And even David, before he was king, was given favor when he sought refuge in enemy territory with the Philistines. Why such favor with these people in these situations? Was it because of what they had done to earn it? No. It was because of who God is.

Even today, we see God's favor upon us. As I opened my hometown's newspaper last week, I saw a picture of my nephew being awarded "Student of the Month." Knowing that he is not a stellar student but wondering if he had suddenly had a major change, I called my sister to congratulate him. When I asked her why he received the award, she said, "Well, for some reason the teacher just picked him once before, and she picked him again for this month." My sister had no real answer as to why he got the award the first time, much less the second. I knew that my nephew had found favor with his teacher. Because of what he had done? I doubt it. But because of who God is.

There are many times that I ask God to give me favor in certain situations or with certain people. Sometimes we hold back from asking for such things because we feel unworthy or undeserving. But the Lord wants us to ask because He loves to answer. I have been given favor in situations where I deserved nothing but wrath. When we truly embrace God's grace, then we can begin to understand a snippet of how much He loves us.

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