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Daily Disciples Devotional - June 14, 2008


June 14

Today's Reading:  Ezra 9-10; Acts 1

Today's Thoughts:  Times and Seasons

And he said unto them, It is not for you to know times or seasons, which the Father hath set within His own authority. Acts 1:7

A close friend of mine was recruited to go to Iraq. The Navy told him that he would be in Iraq from six to eight months. He communicated with us via email and it was evident from his emails that it did not matter how long the Navy said he would be there, he was taking each day as it came--praying that another day would come for him. There were days that he was not sure if he would make it.

We think that knowing the dates, times and seasons would help us to focus. Jesus instructed us that it is not for us to know those things. If the disciples knew that Jesus would not return until after 2000 years, I am sure their focus and convictions would have been different.

For my friend, his focus could not be fixed on staying alive to return to his family. Instead, he said that he focused on the tasks that he was equipped to do for the Navy and for the purposes of the Americans. The times and seasons did not matter as much as his focus for the day. That is what Jesus is asking of us today. Live a life that is fixed on Jesus each day. He has equipped us through His Spirit and asked us to do a work for the purposes of God. Those purposes include prayer, fellowship, reading the Word and loving others. It does not matter when He will return if we stay busy with the things He has asked us to do until He returns.

My friend was in Iraq for exactly seven months. The Navy told him one afternoon that he would be leaving for home that night. No advanced notice, no time to call home--just time to go. Jesus' return for us will be the same. It is not about the times or seasons but about each day. Pray that you can keep your eyes fixed on the Author and Finisher of your faith, knowing that at any day, we will soon be returning home with Him too.

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