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To Grow Spiritually, You Need Other People - Daily Hope with Rick Warren - August 5, 2021

  • 2021 Aug 05

To Grow Spiritually, You Need Other People 
By Rick Warren

"I want us to help each other with the faith we have. Your faith will help me, and my faith will help you." Romans 1:12 (NCV)

You cannot grow to spiritual maturity by yourself. You can try it, but you're going to be lonely, weak, and spiritually stunted. The more you involve other people in your life who are strong in the Lord, the more you will grow in spiritual maturity.

Spiritual growth is relational. We're better together!

The Bible says, "I want us to help each other with the faith we have. Your faith will help me, and my faith will help you" (Romans 1:12 NCV).

There are 56 “one another” commands in the Bible that you cannot obey unless you're in a small group. Love one another. Care for one another. Help one another. Encourage one another. Pray for one another. Share with one another.

God wired you so that you have to be connected in his family in order to grow.

The number one thing God wants you to learn in life is how to love him and other people. The very reason you don't want to be in a small group is the very reason you need to be in a small group. You might think, "But, there might be some people who disagree with me or people who are irritable." You need those people! You need people in your life who sometimes think differently than you, that challenge your self-centeredness, and teach you to be generous and think of others.

Some people never grow up. They're stuck thinking it’s all about “me”—“my” schedule, needs, problems, and priorities.

Often, those are the people that refuse to open themselves up to being in community. But if the whole point of life is to learn to love, then you’ve got to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into a group of people that will support and encourage you to fulfill your purpose.

We only grow in community.

"Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more" (Hebrews 10:24-25 GNT). 

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