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Daily in Christ 7/22

July 22




Philippians 2:2  

Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose


Most Christian parents would do the right thing if they were sure what the right thing was. But what does a good parent do? Should you try to control your children? Is loving them the same as controlling them? Is controlling them the same as disciplining them? What kind of parents produce the following? Children who have a good self-image and are happy being who they are. Children who conform to the authority of others and have the capacity to get along with their teachers and other authority figures. Children who follow the religious beliefs of their parents, attend the church of their parents.


The two most powerful influences in parenting are control and support. Parental control is defined as the ability to manage a child's behavior. You can coerce your kids through intimidation, verbally batter them into submission, lay a guilt trip on them, or firmly establish boundaries and provide choices.


Parental support is defined as the ability to make a child feel loved. You need to do more than simply tell your child that you love him in order to help him feel loved. You must be physically and emotionally available in such a way that your child knows that you love him. Your love comes across in the way you communicate with and touch your child throughout the day.


The best children come from parents who can manage their behavior and communicate their unconditional love. The worst children come from homes where they are controlled but not loved. You may not be able to manage your child's behavior, but by the grace of God you can love him.



Dear Lord, I need Your wisdom to help me love my children unconditionally and manage their behavior.

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