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Lion of Judah - Daily in Your Presence - Apr. 5

Day 95



  "See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. . .
has triumphed."
Revelation 5:5

My child, I am not king of the jungle. I am King of your heart—and the hearts of all My children. With the lion as My symbol, I am strength, and I am victor over anything that would threaten My world or My children. And because you are My child, you share in that victory and will one day enjoy the victor's reward. But even now, you can celebrate Me and the victory that is ours.

Your name and character carry the strength of a lion, yet You are as gentle as a lamb. One day Your strength will be seen by all. I will join the great hallelujah chorus singing praises to You, my Lion of Judah. You are King of all.


Three reasons not to worry: (1) God is in control; (2) God is in control; (3) God is in control..

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