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Daily in Your Presence - April 22

Day 113


"Praise be to the LORD,
who this day has not left you
without a kinsman-redeemer."
Ruth 4:14


My child, even if every friend or loved one leaves you, either through death or by choice, I will always be here. You are more valuable to Me than precious rubies or fine diamonds. I bought and paid for you with My own life. I am you Father, and your kinsman-redeemer, your nearest and dearest relative. You are precious to Me. I will care for you because I have made you My own. My home is your home.

You did not leave me homeless, Lord. When there was no one willing to pay the price, no one who could love and provide my needs, You stepped in and redeemed me, like Boaz did for Ruth. You are my kinsman-redeemer. The debt I owe can never match the price You paid. Thank You, Lord.


Family is a four-letter word called love.

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