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Daily in Your Presence - Aug. 2

Day 215


When they feel secure,

he will destroy many and take his stand

against the Prince of princes.

Daniel 8:25

My child, security is found nowhere except in the shelter of My Father's love and power. He has made Me the Prince of princes, stronger than the mightiest army—and you are under My charge and protection. While others look for safety in perishable places, you are different. A Prince knows His roots, His power, and His destiny. And He is not willing to lose one that has been entrusted to Him by the King.

Lord, You are more powerful than all of the forces of evil, both visible and invisible. You are Prince of the princes. No one can stand against You, and one day, all eyes will turn and recognize Your power. One day every knee will bend beneath Your glory, and all wickedness will be destroyed. I worship You, Lord.


Jesus did not come to make room for Himself so that He could rule the world.  He came to rule in our hearts so that we would make room for Him.

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