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Daily in Your Presence - Aug. 21

  • 2022 Aug 21

Day 234


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I set you apart."

Jeremiah 1:5

My child, I know you intimately. I always have. Nothing you've ever done is a surprise to Me. With great foresight, as I designed all of creation, I planned the lives I wanted you to touch, the paths I wanted you to take, the gifts I wanted you to use for My glory. I set you apart to be My special treasure. Yes, you. Your life is far more valuable than any of My creations. I make no mistakes. I love you, My child, with an undying love.

Lord, did You really know everything about me long before I was born? My hair color, my eyes, my size, my mistakes, my successes, my needs?  You had such foresight in Your creation. Everything fits together, just like You planned. You're amazing, Lord.


What we achieve depends on our relationship with the One in whom we believe.

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