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Daily in Your Presence - Aug. 27

Day 240


We love because

he first loved us.

1 John 4:19

My child, when I saw the product of My special design—the day you were born—I was overjoyed. Did you know I "danced" at your birth? I loved you then, but in fact, I loved you long before you entered your mother's womb. So much did I want our fellowship and love relationship to be secure that I died for you, rose again, and began filling you with blessings from day one. In fact, I have chased you with blessings—so you would love Me, too. The day you said "I do" to Me was a happy day for Me.

Before I even knew Your name, You loved me, Lord. It didn't matter what I looked like, or where I'd been. Even in my "unloveliness" You took the initiative and loved me first. I don't understand why You did that for me. How could anyone resist a love like that?


Genuine love doesn't need a reason to express itself.

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