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Daily in Your Presence - Aug. 9

Day 222


As the time approached for him to

be taken up to heaven,

Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.

Luke 9:51

My child, how I long to reach into your heart and take those heaped-up fears and throw them into one huge bonfire! Some days, it's all you can do to pull back the covers and wash your face. The dread of another day drains your energies before you ever begin. But I have work for you to do—and blessings yet unclaimed. Just as I accepted My destiny with resolution and joy, you can, too. Set your face toward the Son and see those fears vanish .

Walking into Jerusalem was like heading for the eye of the hurricane or approaching a hive of killer bees. You knew the fate that awaited You: certain betrayal and death. Yet, Your resolution to obey superseded the danger You faced. I can learn so much from You, Lord .


Jesus desires more than our fellowship. He also wants our "followship."

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