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Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 1

Day 336


Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake,

so that the waves swept over the boat. 

But Jesus was sleeping.

Matthew 8:24

My child, you need reminders often that I am Lord of your rocking boat. You may think I'm asleep, but I never slumber or sleep. My eyes are always riveted on the world—and on My children's lives. But there is more at stake than your small world can acknowledge. Rest, Child. Just rest in Me. Others need your peace, not your frantic worry. Let Me be your tranquility.

Storms never bothered You, Lord. They were only opportunities to give God glory. In the midst of raging waves, when the spray of salt has drenched all hope of escape, You are still there. Your tranquility speaks peace to my soul.


If God had intended for us to swim on our own, He would not have given us a lifeboat.

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