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Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 14

Day 349


"As you were lying there, O king,

your mind turned to things to come,

and the revealer of mysteries showed you

what is going to happen."

Daniel 2:29

My child, life is really simple. You live. You die. You spend eternity with Me. But what mysteries live in between those three events! I am the revealer of mysteries, but I will give you only what you can handle right now. Too much knowledge is a temptation to use for selfish or prideful purposes. Like My servant Daniel, you must give credit to Me when I entrust you with the secrets of My kingdom. He claimed no great wisdom—only servanthood. You, too, are here to bring Me glory, and to help others understand My mysteries.

The foolish hole up in ivory palaces and wait for the world to end, believing they know the date. Others predict, with ungrounded confidence, the day of Your return. But You are the only revealer of mysteries, Lord. You alone, hold the secret of the ages. I look to You as my source.


Life's most difficult problems can only be solved with God.

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