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Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 2

Day 337


"The one who

sowed the good seed is

the Son of Man."

Matthew 13:37

My child, every good seed that has been planted in your heart comes from Me. I grow wonderful gardens, but the soil must be prepared. I'll help you keep your heart pliable, free of hard clumps. I'll provide the nourishment, but you must provide the soil. I need you to sit in My presence often. Soak up My showers of goodness; drink in My fertilizing love. You need ample doses of the Son in your life. Before you know it, you'll see new growth—and new plants.

You planted me, just like a seed, and from my earliest beginnings, You've watered, fed, and nourished me until I could reproduce other plants. I thank You, Lord, for being the sower of good seed in my life. My eyes are on the Son.


God adorns each day with bouquets of blessings.

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