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Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 31

Day 366


"These are the words of the Amen."

Revelation 3:14

My child, another day has come and gone, perhaps another month or year or season in your life. But through it all, I have been the Amen: the source of creation and comfort and blessing; the giver of good and praiseworthy and beautiful in you; the benediction to every plan and purpose I've designed. I am where life, real life, begins and ends. I am the One who blesses and encourages you, and who will one day announce as you stand before My throne in heaven, "Well done, My child! Amen! So be it! Your reward awaits you."

You are the sunrise of every morning, the perfect Amen to every night. Throughout the day, I watch in amazement as You work out Your will and Your ways. Though my vision is limited, my heart joins creation in a chorus of praise to a magnificent God: "Amen, Lord. So be it."


No words can comfort like the ones from the Father's own heart.

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