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Ancient of Days - Daily in Your Presence - Feb. 16

 Day 47


  "As I looked, thrones were set in place,
and the Ancient of Days took his seat."
Daniel 7:9 

My child, don't be troubled by the events you see unfolding in your world. I was Lord of My creation in the beginning, and I am Lord of coming events. Although you do not understand the future, or even the present, remember that I do. Live one day at a time, trusting Me, and bearing witness of Me. As Ancient of Days, I am always in control.

One day all will know that the God of the future is the same God of the past. All will recognize You, Lord, as the ageless God who sees and knows everything. You have always been in the world, long before creation drew its first breath. You are the Ancient of Days, and You will rule forever. I stand in awe of Your presence.


Tomorrow is often a question on hold, but God knows exactly how life will unfold.

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