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Master - Daily in Your Presence - Jan. 11

Day 11


"Master, Master". . . .

"Who is this?  He commands even

the winds and the water,

and they obey him."

Luke 8:24-25

My child, you will never be at peace until you submit to My authority. My commands are not burdensome, and neither are they unreasonable. Have you not learned that with one word I can send demons fleeing and dispense angel beings to carry out My wishes? Relinquish your misplaced control, no matter what your circumstances. You are not the captain of your fate. I am.

Lord, I hear Your quiet whispers as You comfort my heart and calm my fears. With a simple "Peace, be still!" a thousand raging thoughts obey Your voice. Gently, You set my sails toward land. I praise You, master of my life.


When God is in control, He puts our fears on hold.

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