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Jehovah Jireh - Daily in Your Presence - Jan. 23

Day 23


And Abraham called the name

of that place Jehovah-jireh.

Genesis 22:14 kjv

My child, do you worry about what you will wear, or what you will eat? Does the future loom as a threat and not a joy? Do you think a loving Father ignores the cries of His children? If I gave My only Son for you, the best possible provision of My love, do you not know that I will provide your every need? Just ask. . .and you shall receive.

Lord, You bless our hands, the fruit of our vines, and fill our tables with heaven's provision. No need escapes Your wary eye. No want goes unmet. From morning until evening, You chase us with Your blessings, Lord. My Jehovah-jireh, how wisely You provide.


God does not promise to supply every want, only our needs. But He loves to surprise His children, too.

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