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Creator - Daily in Your Presence - Jan. 4

  • 2023 Jan 04

Day 4


The Lord is the everlasting God,

the Creator of the ends of the earth.

Isaiah 40:28

My child, when your thoughts are filled with the ugliness of the world, remember it is not I who erased the beauty. I splashed the parched ground with paint drops of color.  I nestled my creatures safely together like clustered jewels and carved out a home for each one. Every day is a personalized tapestry of love from Me to you. From the beginning, I planted My beauty in your heart so you could see life through My eyes. Those who cannot acknowledge the glory of My creation will not recognize Me.

From the splendor of mountain majesty to the simplicity of desert plain, I see Your hand at work, Lord—a heavenly original. All Your creatures show the uniqueness of Your glory, the pride of Your handiwork, and the tenderness of Your love. Thank You for beauty, Lord.


God loves for us to celebrate with Him the finished work of His own hands: "It is good! It is good! It is good!"

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