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Daily in Your Presence - July 20

Day 202


His name is the Lord. . .

a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

Psalm 68:4-5

My child, you may feel lonely at times, but you are never alone. Even the widow who has lost the love of her life will find comfort and love in My arms. I delight in defending and blessing those who know their need for Me—those who look daily to Me for every provision, those who have made Me the one true love of their lives. I can meet their needs—your needs—like no one else. Try Me and see. I am the defender of widows, especially those who are "widowed" from their own selfish desires.

How beautiful to know You personally care for those who live alone! You are a defender of widows, the friendless, and all who do not live under the protection of one to care for them.  Those who play havoc in the lives of these special ones are in for a rude surprise when You show up in their defense. Thank You, Lord, that You are with all of us daily.


Only doesn't mean lonely when God is on your side.

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