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Daily in Your Presence - July 24

Day 206


He will be. . .a source of strength

to those who turn back the battle at the gate.

Isaiah 28:6

My child, when you are discouraged and weary, don't give up. My grace is sufficient for your weakness. You may need physical rest, and that's good, for you must treat your body well, too. But you don't need to depend on your own energies to succeed. I am your source of strength. When you turn to Me, depend on Me, and let Me work through you, there is no need for defeat. You serve Me well, My child. Now let Me strengthen you.

Lord, sometimes I feel like a tiny sapling, bending in the breeze, or a tired soldier trying to hold down the fort. But as I raise my spindly branches, and as I lift my aching arms toward the Son, You are my source of strength. You are growing me into a sturdy oak. Only You refresh me. Thank You, Lord.


We cannot quell the hunger in our souls with more work or piety. Often what we really need is rest—sweet rest in Jesus.

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