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Daily in Your Presence - July 9

Day 191


By day the Lord

went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud

to guide them on their way.

Exodus 13:21

My child, whenever you encounter an obstacle, remember, I have already provided a way around it or through it. Just like I led the Israelites on their journey to freedom, I will lead you. A cloud can bring gale force winds, provide a covering for extreme heat, or bring refreshing rain. But I am Lord of the clouds. I will be your pillar of cloud, leading you to safety. The next time you see a cloud on the horizon, don't fear the storm. Look closely, and you will see and feel My presence.

Lord, Your path is not always the shortest, but it is always the best one for me. Although the sands of time may shift and temporarily hide Your footprints, You are a pillar of cloud by day for me. The waves of Your love refresh me as I follow Your leading. Thank You for guiding me wherever I go.


Walking with your head in the clouds is not always a negative.

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