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Daily in Your Presence - June 19

Day 171


Thus the heavens and the earth were completed
in all their vast array.
Genesis 2:1

My child, I created nothing in the world without forethought. Do you really think any creature could just "evolve" without precise, delicate thoroughness from My hand? If I know when a sparrow falls, and how many hairs are on your head, do you not also believe I am in control of the details of your life? You were a child in My heart long before you were a spark in your mother's eyes. With thoroughness, I created the world and everything in it. And with thoroughness, I will carry out My eternal plan for you.

Lord, no detail escapes Your watchful eye. Every color, line, and shadow meet Your approval. Every blade, leaf, and petal exemplify Your work. Every muscle, tendon, and vessel work together in a crowning masterpiece of creation. I thank You for Your thoroughness.


God has no timetables to complete His work.

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