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Daily in Your Presence - March 1

 Day 60


  But you, O Sovereign Lord,
deal well with me for your name's sake;
out of the goodness of your love, deliver me.
Psalm 109:21

My child, questions run through your mind faster than a sprinter leaves the starting block. It's not necessary for you to understand all the whys of your life. Because you love Me, I am working out the sovereign details of a plan so fantastic, you wouldn't believe it if I told you in advance. Give Me your trusting obedience. What you don't know now won't hurt you.

Whom can I run to for help? Who understands my motives and thoughts? Who has the authority to make my enemies retreat? You are sovereign, Lord. You are the only One who has the right. You hold the key to my heart and life. I trust in You, Lord.


The Lord knows what He's doing, even when we don't.

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