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Daily in Your Presence - May 24

Day 145


For in Christ all the fullness of
the Deity lives in bodily form...
who is the head over every power and authority.
Colossians 2:9-10


My child, all that I am I have given to you. All that I am is because of My Father. My words carry no authority without My Father's stamp of approval. I am the fullness of the Deity, God-man, the One who gives all others their right to be leaders in high places. When you acknowledge Me as your authority, you are acknowledging God as the ultimate ruler of your life. Through Me, you, too, have the fullness of Christ.

Everything God wanted to show us, He showed in You, Lord. All of God's character - His goodness, greatness, power, and authority - is in You. And You have given me Your fullness. You are the fullness of the Deity. In You I am complete.


We are known not so much by what we believe, but in whom we believe.

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