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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 12

Day 317


The angel said to me,

"These words are trustworthy and true."

Revelation 22:6

My child, have you read My account lately of heaven and of life's final events? Exciting, isn't it? You don't understand it all? You don't have to. Sounds too beautiful to be true? Golden streets, crystal rivers, tree of life with fruit for healing—trust Me, My child. These pictures can't begin to describe the beauty of heaven. My name and My words are the same. I am Trustworthiness—and everything I have said in My Word I will do.

From Your very first command, "Let there be light," to the last "Amen" announcing Your second coming, You have trustworthiness. Not a single word will pass away, not a word of truth will be lost, because Your words never return void. How faithful You have been in my life! I trust You, Lord.


God has prepared a place where every dream can find fulfillment, and every hope can find a home.

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