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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 15

Day 320


"There is another who testifies in my favor,

and I know that his testimony about me is valid."

John 5:32

My child, the law required two witnesses to verify the truth about someone's character and testimony. Though I had many witnesses, I needed none: I had validity in My works and My Father's words. Yet so many refused to believe in Me. They still do. Just like My faithful servant John the Baptist who testified about My coming and prepared the way, will you, too, help prepare a place in someone's heart for Me? Do it today, Child. Time is short.

Just like the instruments directing a ship to its harbor, Your life and testimony have validity.  Your personal witnesses—the bruised, the broken, the dead made alive, the sick who were healed—all believed You, Lord. But more than that, the Father Himself verified who You were. I'll be Your witness, too, Lord.


It's not where you've been or what you've done, but whose you are that matters most.

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