Rebecca Barlow Jordan Daily in Your Presence Devotional

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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 17


Day 322


Grace and peace to you. . . and from Jesus Christ,

who is the faithful witness.

Revelation 1:4-5

My child, I hold the key to what the Father is like. I am the only One who knows. I and My Father are the same. When you see Me, you see Him. So when you need to know truth, come to Me. I am the faithful witness. I've existed before the world ever did, so I'm witness to what has taken place throughout the halls of history. Trust Me, Child. I never lie or deceive.

Lord, Your words and deeds spread like a forest fire, burning and refining those in Your path.  You are the faithful wit-ness, an accurate testimony to the real nature of God. You not only testify to the truth, but You are the Truth.


To know Him, to love Him, to make His ways known—is there any goal more worthy to pursue as our own?

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