Rebecca Barlow Jordan Daily in Your Presence Devotional

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Writer - Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 20

Day 325


"I will put my law

in their minds and write it

on their hearts."

Jeremiah 31:33

My child, you're not judged by the law anymore. You now live by My grace. I am the writer of every inspired word in My Holy Scriptures. But I have penned My message in your heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. I now live in you. Each time you meditate on My Word,  act out My love to others, and respond in obedience, you are allowing Me to write My signature on your heart and life. Some people will look to you as their Bible. Be faithful to share My words.

Lord, Your work has made the best-seller list for hundreds of years. You are the author and writer of the most powerful book ever known. But more than that, You've written Your words permanently in my heart. And nothing can erase what You have written with Your own hands.


God is not looking for best-sellers, only faithful witnesses.

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