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The Guilt Offering - Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 29

Day 334


And though the Lord makes his life a guilt offering,

he will see his offspring and prolong his days.

Isaiah 53:10

My child, if there had been another way to cover your guilt, My Father would have chosen it. But it took My life, a willing sacrifice, to pay for the sins of all My children. No longer would the high priest lead the scapegoat outside the tent to appease a Holy God. Instead, I became the once and for all guilt offering. I was led "out of the camp," to the outskirts of Jerusalem where I was crucified for you. Just for the love of you, My child.

You were the scapegoat for my failures, Lord, the guilt offering sacrificed on my behalf. You, who knew no guilt; You, who were never tainted by sin; You, whose very name spelled purity and holiness—You gave Your very life for me. Can I ever thank You enough?


We're a special part of God's own heart.

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