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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 4

Day 309


"Why do you pursue me

as God does?"

Job 19:22

My child, I will never smother you. I always give you space to make your own decisions. But I have invested much into your life, and I intend to make sure that investment is safe. I am your pursuer, but not in the same way as others. They chase you with thoughtless opinions and prideful words, always trying to persuade you to accept their point of view.  I am your "hound of heaven," and I will track you down wherever you go, just to keep you close to Me. May you always feel My breath upon your spirit .

Like one searching out his lost love, You are my pursuer. You chase after me with blessings too numerous to count. You do not pursue me to punish me, but to draw me closer to Your love.  How could I ever leave the security of Your arms?


You will never pursue a greater love than Jesus.

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