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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 5

Day 310


"For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner

who went out early in the morning

to hire men to work in his vineyard."

Matthew 20:1

My child, I not only own the cattle on a thousand hills, but I own the hills where the cattle graze. As landowner, I own everything. Whomever I choose to work in My kingdom is My decision. And, speaking of workers, I have something special for you to do, designed exactly for your abilities and gifts. At times, I may even stretch your limits so you'll know I did the work through you. Don't envy others' opportunities or rewards. You will receive a wonderful "well done" in heaven when you follow Me faithfully. Trust Me.

You are the landowner, calling out workers for Your kingdom. It's not up to me to judge Your business practices, for You have been more than fair to me. I deserve no pay for working but instead owe You my life. I am the least of Your kingdom. Because of You, I'm never unemployed.


If we all received what we deserved, we would all be paupers.

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