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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 6

  • 2022 Nov 06

Day 311


"Can anyone teach knowledge to God,

since he judges even the highest?"

Job 21:22

My child, pride is a dangerous thing. Be careful, lest the knowledge you acquire puff you up and make you obnoxious to others. The one who gives ready answers without thinking is like a cloud that brings no rain. I am knowledge itself, and though learning from others is beneficial, I am your ultimate source of information. Check out My words in Scripture. There, you'll find everything you need for holy and righteous living. Knowledge without love is useless.

Those who tried to confuse and correct You were silenced by Your knowledge, Lord. Who can argue with the God of the universe? Who would dare to correct the God Most High? Yet at times, even I have questioned You, Lord. Your knowledge is too great for me to begin to understand.


Better to have a big heart than a big head.

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