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Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 9

Day 314


He struck down many nations

and killed mighty kings.

Psalm 135:10

My child, there is a time to defend and a time to play the offensive. I am a holy God, and I hold nations accountable for what they do with their knowledge, and with the claims they make about Christianity. I never overlook injustice, nor do I reward wickedness. Aggressiveness is part of My nature, just like gentleness. When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, My child, don't be afraid. I'm still in control. I'm still on My throne, and I take care of My own.

Lord, Your other side is like a storming force of nature. As a tornado ruthlessly creates its own path, Your aggressiveness doles out fairness and just reward to those who refuse to accept You.  Each person has a choice to make. I choose You as Lord of my life.


Character is what is left when adversity steals your dream. It's the force that drives you forward when others leave the team.

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