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Imagination - Daily in Your Presence - Oct. 13

Day 287


How many are your works, O Lord! 

In wisdom you made them all.

Psalm 104:24

My child, did you know I had dreams, too? Who do you think designed every four-footed creature, every flower petal, and every winged insect? Who hung the stars in space and hollowed out the ground? Who raised the earth until it loomed majestically toward the sky in snow-covered brilliance? And who wrote the prescription for your eyes, hair, body shape, and gifts? My imagination lets Me dream big dreams, and My power accomplishes them. All things are possible through Me, My child.

You wrap the mountains in a coat of majesty and sprinkle the earth with heaven's manna. You dot the night skies with Your magnificence, reminding me of my insignificance. You paint the earth with a multitude of rainbows. Lord, I love Your imagination.


The wonder of God's creation is surpassed only by the beauty of His love.

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