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Daily in Your Presence - Oct. 18

  • 2022 Oct 18

Day 292


But there the glorious Lord will be unto us

a place of broad rivers and streams.

Isaiah 33:21 kjv

My child, in this world your streets may seem narrow and confining. Troubles come and troubles go and leave you without strength to forge ahead. But I am your glorious Lord and will fill you with might and strength. I will make you like a spring of living water—so you can taste a fraction of the joy waiting for you in heaven someday. There, streams will flow freely; sickness will not reign, and suffering will end. I will be there waiting for you to step across.

Lord, Your kingdom is not of this world; Your thoughts are not like ours. You are the glorious Lord, magnificent in nature, excellent and infinite. One day this narrow road we travel will broaden into eternal rivers and streets of gold, and You will receive the glory You so richly deserve.


Our times are in His hands—even the times we don't understand.

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