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Daily in Your Presence - Oct. 25

Day 299


Worship the Lord

in the splendor of his holiness.

Psalm 29:2

My child, can holiness fellowship with unholiness? No, but by My death and resurrection, through My shed blood and sacrifice for you, and because of your choice to enter My presence through a life of faith, I have declared you holy, too, My child. I have draped My righteous nature over you, so that when you come into My presence, you are clean. Once you are My child, you are My child forever.

Standing in Your presence brings such a sense of awe, Lord. Looking at Your holiness is like looking at my life under a microscope, revealing every flaw and imperfection in exaggerated detail. You are perfect, Lord. I praise You for Your holiness.


Begin the day with praise. End the day with thanksgiving.

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