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Daily in Your Presence - Oct. 31

Day 305


"For nothing is impossible with God."

Luke 1:37

My child, I love the word impossible! Don't you? I know you believe I can do anything. Yes, I have the capability to do anything. But you're unsure if I will do what you ask. Ask anything in My name, and I will do anything according to My will. My child, do you know what I'm really after? Your total, sold-out heart. If you can ask Me anything your heart desires, but tell Me however I answer is really okay with you, I know I truly have your heart.

Who can limit Your power? Who are we to question what You can or cannot do? You, who hold the keys to heaven and hell, You, who spoke the world into existence; You are not confined by walls or fences. Thank You for Your capability, Lord. There is nothing too hard for You to do. Lord, I want to trust You even more.


There is no miracle out of God's reach.

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