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Daily in Your Presence - Sept. 10

Day 254


"‘I will shake all nations,

and the desired of all nations will come,

and I will fill this house with glory,'

says the Lord Almighty."

Haggai 2:7

My child, may I share My dream with you? I have a dream that all nations will come to know Me and let Me fill their homes, hearts, and governments with My glory and grace. Another, My enemy, seeks the opposite: to tear as many away from Me as possible. But those who know Me are secure in the relationship we share. One day all will bow to My rule. Pray that other hearts will come to know Me as you do, Child.

The world longs for the treasures of light, love, liberty, and life. You are the treasure God sent to earth. You, Lord, are the desired of all nations. You are the only One who satisfies every desire, every hope, and every dream that my heart can inspire. Lord, I desire You with my whole heart.


Love each nation as part of God's creation.

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