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Daily in Your Presence - Sept. 17

Day 261


In that day the Root of Jesse

will stand as a banner for the peoples;

the nations will rally to him,

and his place of rest will be glorious.

Isaiah 11:10

My child, I love using ordinary people. It gives Me great delight to take the weak things of the world to confound the wise. Look at David, a shepherd boy destined for a king. And I, too, was born as an ordinary baby. As the Root of Jesse, David's father, however, I was of royal lineage. And as the Son of God, My roots connect earth to heaven—so you can blossom into a beautiful flower as My child.

From an ordinary family, You brought an extraordinary king. I can trace Your human family tree back to royalty, Lord. You were a king in heaven, and You were in the lineage of a king on earth.  You are the Root of Jesse, and Your branches reach all the way to this heart of mine.


Whom are we to call ordinary, what God has destined for extraordinary?

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