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"Defense" - Daily in Your Presence - Nov. 11

Day 316


But the Lord is my defence;

and my God is the rock of my refuge.

Psalm 94:22 kjv

My child, do I need to open your eyes as I did to My servant long ago? In the heat of battling your habits and temptations, or when circumstances try your patience and faith, remember I am your defense. My angels do hand-to-hand combat at My command. You may not see them, but they surround you, day in and day out. Open your eyes of faith. The battle is Mine.

Like a veteran returning home from foreign wars, I see the scars of battle, those incurred when I fought apart from Your strength. But when I depend on You alone to man the front line for me, I'm a victor every time. Lord, thank You for being my defense. I'm glad You're on my side.


Like a shining star, He lights our path, even in the dark.

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