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Calling Out to the Woman Inside of Us - Encouragement Café - June 4, 2015

Calling Out to theWoman Inside of Us

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Today’sSpecialis:Do Our Emotions Control Us?

Carefullyprepared justfor youbyyourfriend,SamanthaJackel


Sheopens hermouth in wisdom, and theteaching of kindness is on hertongue.



Mychildhood and teenageyearswerespent in emotional silence. If any emotion wasshown it would eitherbeignored orused against me.The emotional neglectworkedits wayout into myearlyadult life.

In myearly20’sIfound myvoice‐ which wasnot always a positive thing! Iworemyemotions on the outside ‐ if IwasangryIshowed it,if Ihad an opinion you neededto hearit and during that ‘timeof month’ Iwasentitled to actand reactany wayIwanted.’

Irememberbeing challenged by myhusband who told methat Ineededto getmyemotions in line, that theywere“out of control” and that Iwasusing mymenstrual cycleto excusemybehavior. BelievemeI didn’t like what Iheard!

Myemotions and moods werecontrolling meand Ifound that Iwasbeing tossed and turned like thewavesin thesea– Iwasunstable in all of myways.

With lots of prayerand practical help frommyhusband, Iwasable to turn theemotional rollercoaster that Iwason around. Ittook discipline, hard workand self‐control to hold mytongue. And therewere timesthat Ihad to removemyselffromsituations whereIknewIcould spiral out of control. That little bit of hard workhas madea lifetime of joy and victory– Iamno longer an emotional clanging gong!

Ilove what Paul writesin Corinthians 13:11(NLT),

When Iwasa child, Ispokeand thought and reasonedas a child. But when Igrewup, Iput awaychildish things.

Iwant to encourageyou as women to consider Paul’s words and to growinto being dignified womenof God. Iwant to bepartof a generation of womenwho arerespectedand known as being womenwho practiceself‐control over their emotions and overtheir tongues,womenknown for their godliness and wisdom – not for their moods and excessiveemotional behavior.

Take Out:

What does a dignified woman of God look like and how does she react?

Proverbsspeaksof a woman who can betrusted (she does not gossip) and who can encouragegood and does not causeharm. She is energeticand strong. She is clothed with strengthand dignity, she laughs without fearof thefuture (she is not anxious).Whenshe speaks,herwords arewise (she thinks beforeshe speaks),and she gives instruction with kindness.


Lord Ipray that You would teachus and enable us to growinto thewomenthat You havecalled us to be. Women of dignity and self‐ control, womenthat can teachthenextgeneration how to stand against thepull of theworld,womenthat aredignified in all situations. Lord, help us to haveself‐ control in theareasof our lives that areout of control to bring glory to You.

© 2015by Samantha Jackel.All rights reserved.

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