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Come Together - Encouragement Café - December 16

Come Together
 By Paris Renae

“For where two or three come together in My name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 NIV

Instead of ‘pinning’ Christmas or posting ‘family’ maybe just bake some cookies. Ok, I admit it, when I was raising my kids we took pictures with a camera, had no idea if we cut off the top of their head or the Christmas tree and waited a week or more to see them. My photo albums are grainy, crooked, and…priceless.

Get this – there has always been the pressure to perform, to live up to someone else’s expectations. Long before social media and long before Christmas was in the stores in September – moms have tried to out cook, out decorate, and out dress their kids.

Yet my happiest memories of Christmas seasons were the simple things. Letting the kids decorate the tree – ornaments all in one spot when they were little. Driving around with candy canes and hot chocolate to look at the houses lit up with twinkly lights. We weren’t snapping pictures or telling everyone about it, we were just living the moment.

Kind of like how Jesus lived when He was on earth. Never a word to John to make sure everyone saw the leper’s skin made new like a baby’s, never a nod to Peter to make sure everyone gathered to see Jesus walking on water. Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery while her accusers dropped their stones. He assured the thief that paradise was his while others mocked.

Maybe this Christmas season we can take a peek to see how to make snowmen out of yarn balls and just laugh and enjoy how silly they look when the kids beam. Read about Mary and Joseph and the Savior of the world and sit in awe and quiet and then bounce on the couch with the kids.

Time to get real and forget about what we ‘should be’ doing and come together and do life.

Easier said than done, I know. But doesn’t it sound like soul refreshment? A little less glitter and lot more glory.

Father, it wasn’t with bad intentions initially that Christmas celebrations grew way beyond Who and have now made us weary. Renew in our hearts the wonder and awe of the miracles of the Gift of Christmas. Not only us, Lord, but let our new found wonder spread to our families and our friends. Let us come together to celebrate You and leave behind the fuss. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

© 2018 by Paris Renae, All rights reserved.

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